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New York, NY


Brooklyn Mass Timber House

Possessing an understanding of the lifecycle of construction materials and products is vital to altering the widespread economic and environmental impact of our industry.

Our Brooklyn Mass Timber House is an adaptive reuse project focused on sustainable and speedy construction methodologies utilizing mass timber, an alternate construction approach using prefabricated, solid-wood panels. Mass timber is a process which involves the lamination and compression of multiple layers to create solid panels of wood. As of December 2018, 487 multi-family, commercial, or institutional projects have been constructed out of mass timber across the U.S. or are currently in design.

This 3,500SF single-family home will feature a three-story Douglas Fir laminated stair and bridge, along with divine views out onto one of New York City’s few Gothic Revival style cathedrals. A moment synonymous with Paris in the heart of Brooklyn.

The existing structure, initially a carriage house, dates back to 1873. Although, the front façade has been altered over the years as usages have changed. Our approach includes refurbishing the frontage in cooperation with The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, with the interest of maintaining the structure’s historic integrity.

It is critical that established cities like New York embrace adaptive reuse. They can retain the character of their history, breathing new life into older buildings, while embracing a more progressive and eco-conscious future. Projects often use fewer raw materials and consistently minimize the production of waste.

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Status: Under Construction