Evan Yoon

Evan Yoon

Irvine, CA, US


Urban Room

Situated at the edge of Downtown Houston, the site for a high speed transit center for Houston is an isolated location blocked by infrastructure (the i-45 and the i-10) and the Buffalo Bayou. The placement of program mimics a typical urban setting and the introduction of a surface contains that environment creating an urban room which captures the presence of the programmatic volumes and both pedestrian and automotive activity. the surface cantilevers over the bayou and lifts up to cover the train tracks connecting the two features of the site. The surface as a result creates three urban rooms: one against the bayou providing a park condition, an elevated platform on top giving a view of all of downtown, and a space underneath containing all the movements of a city.

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Status: School Project
Location: Houston, TX, US
My Role: Individual Project
Additional Credits: Spring 2015