Ricardo Rebolledo

Ricardo Rebolledo

Caracas, VE


Vordingborj Cottage

The program contemplated a vacation cottage located on shores of Dybsø Fjörd Lake, near Vondinvorg town in Danmarck. The 250 sqm. program include the cottage with 3 bedrooms, tv room, 2 baths, integrated social area and 2 separate buildings wich houses a workshop and a greenhouse. The cottage aestethic was sculpted with a contemporary image but taking care about the traditional architecture of the zone, taking in consideration the strong local restrictions where the roofs slope  should not be less than 45 ° in order to prevent snow accumulation in winter time and the use of materials for building construction should be integrated into the environment.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Vordingborg, DK
My Role: Architect