Ricardo Rebolledo

Ricardo Rebolledo

Caracas, VE


Recycled tiles and concrete apartment

Recycle and reuse, two key words in the development of the project for this 120 sqm. apartment renovation with views towards the central coasts of Venezuela, in Catia La Mar. The first sketches go back to 2013, before the construction material crisis and hiperinflation reaches the economy in Venezuela. The original finishes for this assignment were raised in wood and granite. However, with the advent of difficult moments, the initial image of the proposal underwent major changes in order to achieve an economically sustainable result, whose aesthetic was a reflection of hard times without deteriorating its compositional quality.

The proposal was based on the recycling of as many pre-existing materials as possible and the reuse of pieces of furniture from various sources. Among the recycling and reuse operations that were developed within the proposal are: recycling of ceramic material that previously occupied the bathrooms and floors, reuse of pieces of coral marble, incorporation of an existing pool to the new design, recovery and maintenance of air conditioners, electrical parts, mirrors, and other parts. These actions should in turn be complemented by the use of economic finishes such as concrete, and the juxtaposition of fine metal details that would contrast with the brutalism shown in the predominant finishes.

Additionally an eclectic collection of bathroom pieces and furniture previously purchased by the client are adapted as part of the decoration, thus complementing the personality of the final environment.

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Status: Built
Location: Catia La Mar, VE
My Role: Designer, Construction Inspection