Rola (Chunni) Ko

Rola (Chunni) Ko

Brooklyn, NY, US

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I am an artist and designer originally from Taiwan. Studying at Pratt Institute, I work primarily with Interior architecture and arts through drawings and wide range of methods of fabrication. Designing space and art that embodies strong narration with sincerity and temperature to resonate; projects that are both visionary, challenging and yet client driven is what excites me as an interior designer and artist.

My multi-cultural background has sensibly enriched my works and mind toward a wider range of values. I’ve worked and produced design at all scales including urban design, interior, furniture to lighting and jewelry designs. My works are usually highlighted by its concept and not only do I possess a strong concept development skill but I am also a hands on maker, a passionate drawer and detail oriented person.


Marie Burgos, Brooklyn, Intern

- Assist in sketching and design layout for residential projects
- Work closely with the lead designer on projects, accompany to construction sites and meetings.
- Organize and document product informations for clients.
- Assist in designing brand image through blogging and written posts.

Oct 2016 - Mar 2017


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, US, Bachelors, Interior Design

The study and training we were involved in are similar to interior architecture and what I believe made our study special and inspiring is the focus on designing for the human occupants. Our designs are driven by the human scale, human ergonomics as well as the metal and spiritual needs; encompassing concepts ranging from broader social and cultural issues such as equality and prejudices to concepts addressing metal and physical health and comforts. We were encourage to go wild developing our concepts and experience with ideals, but at the same time we were pushed to ground the ideas in real life and spent a great deal on bring the design to life through construction drawings and understanding of construction details and materials. In addition, what drives me through the design processes is the free association of mediums of fabrication; my primary method of working is through hand drawings and collages but I was also encouraged to be inspired by other mediums and fabrication processes. I was thrilled to see design through unexpected lenses as a story telling medium, as a work of fine art, as a experience, or as meditation but also as a resolution for the many issues we now find in the world.

Aug 2013 - May 2017

Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), Copenhagen, DK, Urban Design

The Study of Urban design, as well as furniture workshop and visual documentation classes in Copenhagen was both challenging and rewarding. Urban Design was done through a very different scale than interior influencing the factors concerning the design; social factors, population, transportation and neighborhoods as well as human figures takes up different proportion in the design process. It triggered a great understanding of the impression of a city, what makes up the city we occupied and what makes a city enjoyable, populated with life or lack of life. Moreover, designing for the urban space, unlike interior, is a never ending story and are closely attached and influenced by the surrounding space and design that changes on a constant bases, which also influence the interior spaces in another way.

Jan 2016 - May 2016


Danish Institute for Study abroad art exhibition, Other

Awarded with the opportunity to exhibit the urban design work (presentation) and furniture to the public.


M.O. & R. Pratt, Jr. Scholarship, Scholarship

Drawing award for the foundation classes. Nominated by professors of all four courses including drawing, 3D workshops, 4D and LCD (light color and design).


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