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Robert Maschke Architects

Cleveland, OH


Casa d’Angolo

Casa d’Angolo (Corner House) will serve as a Cultural Heritage Center for the Italian-American community, offering a museum, cafe and garden terrace, enoteca and piazza, support offices and parking. The proposed 24,000 square foot building will be situated within Cleveland, Ohio’s Little Italy neighborhood and seeks to establish a unique identity that activates the corner lot at the street level and elevates the program spaces while offering panoramic views towards downtown and Lake Erie.

The constraints of the site (corner lot) necessitate the building's footprint to be modest relative to it’s volume, creating a variety of opportunities for sectional connections. Conceptually, the design was developed using origami-like folding as a compositional strategy. A single stone surface which wraps, folds, and peels to form the building's envelope. Casa d'Angolo's lower form aligns to the adjacent building's massing to maintain continuity within the existing streetscape. The upper levels, defined by slots in the surface, utilize cantilevers and setbacks to provide relief while accommodating the program's required square footage. Conceived to enhance and express a dynamic sense of movement, the architecture's linear stone-clad surface provides a monolithic quality unifying the diverse spaces within. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Cleveland, OH, US
Firm Role: Architect