Robert Maschke Architects

Robert Maschke Architects

Cleveland, OH


Media Arts

Media Arts’ ambition was to establish a creative and distinguishing image for the new program within the context of the existing architecture. Additionally, the space is a temporary location for the program, a factor that meant the installation had to be a low impact solution.  

The program called for a black box film studio, flexible classroom, equipment storage and check out areas. From the classroom unobstructed views of the studio were required while maintaining acoustical separation. 

The design is organized as a single bamboo surface that hovers within, and wraps through a black box. Both the single gesture and material economy maximize the effect of the architectural image, enhancing its spatial identity. 

Integral to the surface are programmatic elements such as video display, signage, seating and work surface that articulate deformations. A field of voids heightens the sense of motion in the folding surface while providing for both sound dampening and return air locations. A quadruple paned glass window faces the studio for observation during class time. The surface extends from the interior of the space into the adjacent public corridor marking the entrance to the space.  

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Status: Built
Location: Cleveland, OH, US
Firm Role: Architect