Robert Maschke Architects

Robert Maschke Architects

Cleveland, OH


Gordon Square Bus Shelters

The project consists of two bus shelters designed for the Gordon Square Arts District within Cleveland’s Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. The brief called for the creation of functional and iconic elements to be incorporated as a part of an ensemble of new pieces of public art slated for the highly anticipated Detroit Avenue Streetscape project.

Conceptually, the design is conceived as a single stainless steel surface which wraps and folds to create the shelter. The singular material enhances the sculptural quality of the modestly scaled shelters. Folds in the surface are determined by the accommodation of functional, contextual, and structural variables, which merge to generate the shelter’s shape. A pattern of perforations moves across the surface of the shelter which responds to localized conditions of sun, wind and view. In the evening the shelters will be internally illuminated, projecting a subtle dithered pattern on the surrounding buildings and surfaces transforming the existing context and incorporating it as a part of this new vibrant installation.

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Status: Built
Location: Cleveland, OH, US
Firm Role: Architect