Robert Koshgarian

Robert Koshgarian

Los Angeles, CA, US


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    Robert Koshgarian, is an designer in the pursuit of advancing the field of architecture by defining new paths. A surrealist artist situated in architecture, the technical and creative processes set no limits for his work. Raised in the field of design, the thought processes of envisioning “what next” began long before a career was chosen. With an insatiable need to complete each task at the highest degree of competence. Robert has found a comfort in taking control of complex systems in architecture, art, business, and finance to designing processes of organization with clear foresight of efficient, but still dynamic, operations. With a strong belief in logic, Robert sets out to define new logical approaches beyond already proven systems. However, retaining the lessons of precedents in this pursuit of new ideas.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Architecture Student