Robert Koshgarian

Robert Koshgarian

Los Angeles, CA, US


W / (in) TENSION

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UCLA AUD SupraStudio | Frank Gehry's Studio

    “W / (in) TENSION” is an experiment to follow the trajectory of a dynamic structure’s interaction with dynamic tenants. Constantly reading the user and seeking to find its optimal living condition by compressing and shearing it’s mass to fit within any context. Reaching closer to a perfected building site orientation; changing with in “real-time.”
IRIS: A prototype to capture motion of our focuses. Three digital cameras, one facing the world and two watching the user’s right side retina. Iris, receives retina scaled data and translates it through Java as physical commands of “smart” gadgets. QR codes with predefined operations linked to systemic gadgets.


Project Site: Grand ave. (next door to the new Broad Museum) , Los Angeles, Ca.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Student Architect