Los Angeles, CA


San Francisco Flower Mart

The New Flower Mart builds upon the legacy of the San Francisco Flower Mart as an institution anchored within the city. It is intended to expand the impact of the Flower Mart beyond the confines of its existing home and in doing so catalyze the next evolution of SOMA with the establishment of the Flower Mart District.

San Francisco Flower Mart will be the Bay Area’s most sought after creative workplace environment. In the midst of the density of San Francisco, the new urban mixed-use campus of the Flower Mart brings together the best elements of Silicon Valley and San Francisco in one unique locale.

The Flower Mart rises vertically with retail and workplace elements that slip harmoniously into the scale of the cityscape. The built form of the project is defined by 3 primary elements: The Market Hall; Blocks; and Gateway Building. Each building is tailored to its precise function and position within the overall composition of the project.

The buildings are all tightly integrated through landscape elements— native rooftop gardens, public plazas, and people-centered markets —in order to set the new standard of responsible, sustainable urban development in San Francisco. By sensitively incorporating the multiple uses that define SOMA into a synchronized whole, the Flower Mart will build on the legacy of the area and set the stage for the continued development of the city.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
Firm Role: Design Architect
Additional Credits: Kilroy Realty, Owner