Los Angeles, CA


Ledge House

This Bel Air residence is an ideal balance of simplicity, elegance, and refinement. The 1,100-sq.-ft. residence is designed as a series of ledges, all of which open out to porches overlooking the Santa Monica mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The material and color palette continue from the interior to the exterior, blurring the line between inside and out.

A garden of 85 different tonally complementary California plants and carefully placed pathways traverses the sloping site, vibrant with yellow-hued flowers, leaves, and fruit. The garden is design to be experienced during the dramatic sunset light. The landscape bathes the hillside below the house in warmth and an energizing glow.

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Status: Built
Location: Bel Air, CA, US
Firm Role: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design
Additional Credits: General Contractor: Richard Holz Inc
Lighting Design: Erin Erdman