Cultural effects on the Built Environment in Rio de Janeiro



Nov '13 - Nov '13

  • Day 5 / Rio de Janeiro

    Ian Wilson
    Nov 29, '13 8:48 PM EST

    Rain Day again... We pretty much just ate and rode the taxi around the town to and from places that we were eating at. Trying to get a different perspective of the city other than walking everywhere. 

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  • Day 4 / Rio de Janeiro

    Ian Wilson
    Nov 29, '13 7:53 PM EST

    Today being Sunday and still too cloudy to go do some of the tourist site seeing, instead we went to the Hippy Fair that they have every weekend in Praça General Osório. It's filled with homemade goods, food, art and all kinds of other little trinkets you might love to have... View full entry

  • Day 3 / Rio de Janeiro

    Ian Wilson
    Nov 25, '13 9:01 PM EST

    Today was raining and cloudy all day! So we decided to go downtown and see MAR - Rio's Museum of Art, it recently finished this year and was done by architecture firm Jacobsen Arquitetura . The museum combines the older existing... View full entry

  • Day 2 / Rio de Janeiro

    Ian Wilson
    Nov 22, '13 9:02 PM EST

    Today was filled with Farmers market, Cafe Expresso's and a lot of walking... and rain.... Above is a representation of the typical apartment building street front in Rio de Janeiro. Parking garage and entrance is off the front street, not in the back, there is none... It always has some sort of... View full entry

  • Day 1 / Rio de Janeiro

    Ian Wilson
    Nov 22, '13 7:58 PM EST

    Today was my first time ever in a different country other than the United States. I have never been so excited in my life. The opportunity to travel to these amazing places in the world is truly awesome! I feel very grateful for this opportunity to be able to be here.  On our descent into... View full entry

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I would like to start a blog about my upcoming travels to Rio de Janiero, Brazil. I am going to visually document and narrate my adventures around the city and local areas. I really want to share my findings with the architectural community and help document what people dont see in the websites online. I will be looking at the city from a macro to micro view all the time, taking into account the minute details to the overall city.

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