Cultural effects on the Built Environment in Rio de Janeiro



Nov '13 - Nov '13

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    Day 5 / Rio de Janeiro

    Ian Wilson
    Nov 29, '13 8:48 PM EST

    Rain Day again... We pretty much just ate and rode the taxi around the town to and from places that we were eating at. Trying to get a different perspective of the city other than walking everywhere. 


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      I think I see Avenida Presidente Vargas downtown.  I liked their Metro, which NOW goes into the top end of Ipanema, but not that deep into it.  It felt safe.  I wish I could say the same for their buses with the indifferent turnstile operators and the drivers isolated up front.

      Nov 29, 13 10:12 pm

      I love Rio

      May 15, 17 3:20 am

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I would like to start a blog about my upcoming travels to Rio de Janiero, Brazil. I am going to visually document and narrate my adventures around the city and local areas. I really want to share my findings with the architectural community and help document what people dont see in the websites online. I will be looking at the city from a macro to micro view all the time, taking into account the minute details to the overall city.

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