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Nov '13 - Nov '13

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    Day 4 / Rio de Janeiro

    Ian Wilson
    Nov 29, '13 7:53 PM EST

    Today being Sunday and still too cloudy to go do some of the tourist site seeing, instead we went to the Hippy Fair that they have every weekend in Praça General Osório. It's filled with homemade goods, food, art and all kinds of other little trinkets you might love to have, there is live music and like always good fried food to keep you full for the next couple hours. The paintings that the artists had there were my favorite, I wish i should have gotten one for our new apartment back in Denver, but dealing with making sure it didn't get damaged on the journey back would just be added stress to the already stressful and tiring event of flying across the globe. It was a really great time looking at all the things that the people create.

    I don't have any pictures from this because there was a robbery on the beach yesterday and I thought i would leave my camera back in the apartment to not draw attention to myself. Some events that I may go on may not have pictures and I apologize that I cant share the experience with you but sometimes its not safe enough to bring my iPhone out with me or my other digital camera. Sometimes I may have it with me, but where I am exactly is not the right time or place to pull it out and start snapping pictures. I wish i could but it can just become to dangerous having all those belongings out.

    Fresh Figs in the morning are amazing, so juicy and refreshing. I wish I could have them everyday! Of course coffee as well. 

    In the afternoon the rain stopped but it was still very cloudy, so we decided to go for a walk down in Copacabana Beach. We started on the North side and walked the whole way to the south were we ended up having coffee at The Sofitel Luxury Hotel, they have a pool deck on the third level if i remember correctly and anybody can come in and go up and enjoy the amazing view from there. Having a cafe zinho while looking upon all of Copacabana Beach was pretty delightful. 

    We continued to walk all the way to the end of Ipanema Beach as well. Good day for a walk with the light mist in the air keeping you cool and hopefully not sweating too much from the humidity.

    As we were walking I saw this hotel called Fasano, It is Philippe Starck's first project in Brazil it was completed in 2007.

    It stood out due to its metal wide flange beam detailing and the wood siding with brick as well. It is a newer hotel on Ipanema Beach and it also has a roof top pool deck that over looks the beach as well. Architecturally it stands out because it isn't covered in tile or white from the traditional vernacular architecture that surrounds the beach front properties. It has some tasteful detailing and the choice of the materials will age well in the harsh conditions that the oceans water has on all buildings here in Rio de Janeiro. The wide flange beams are painted in what looks to be a high performance coating of some sort. Otherwise the metal will probably start rusting within a couple months if not protected. The building is a very nice project and i thinks works very well in its location with the other buildings that surround it. The detailing is nicely done and it seems the architect did a good job of making sure everything was executed correctly. 

    Later that evening we stopped at a local whole in the wall restaurant and it was amazing, they do their fried chicken down here a little different. They just use a clever, chop it all up and it goes into the frier with garlic and cilantro. They do not coat the chicken in buttermilk or any other ingredients like you see in the United States. I prefer the Brazilian method, it is delicious!!!


    • chatter of clouds

      Red ravaged...

      Nov 29, 13 9:18 pm
      chatter of clouds

      Coat me in the crumbles of your kindness Lord and devour me.

      Nov 29, 13 9:20 pm

      Ipanema, right in front of the hotel, was similarly sparsely populated, though 82 F and sunny, so it looked safe.  There was also a police booth on Avenida Vieira Souto to oversee the street and with a view toward the beach, right by the hotel.  Your picture is the first where I've seen clouds shroud Dois Irmaos, which I could see from the balcony.  There was also a tiny green salamander or some little creature on the hotel room wall!  I chalked it up to the subtropics. 

      I'd bet you're waiting for a sunny day in Rio!

      Nov 29, 13 10:05 pm

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