Joünié, LB


land art generator - ode to the sun

the installation emphasizes the effect of the moon on the sea by exaggerating the tide’s action on the shore’s outline. The land, bound by the highway on one side and open to the sea on the other, is topographically manipulated to form mounds of different levels creating platforms hosting the spheres and disappearing into the sea. As the tide goes up, the water surrounding the mounds create islands of variable sizes and shapes, continuously changing the shore line and putting the “photovoltaic spheres” in different situations. 

Visitors to the “sun islands” can watch the spheres from the highway or they can go island hopping and experience the different outlines created by the tide.During the night, the spheres light up the park, where different activities can take place: jogging, music festivals, star watching etc..

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Dubai, AE
My Role: Designer