pink intruder

pink intruder

Valencia, ES


MIAU Fanzara intervention

The mural intervention proposed by Pink Intruder for MIAU Fanzara is an allegory to the festival’s own history.

In nature, trees look like individual entities, but under the ground a battle of communication, conflicts and synergies is waged using what has come to be called “Wood Wide Web”. That framework that in our view might seem somewhat disjointed is actually part of what we might call a superorganism that enhances the biodiversity of the system.

In the same way MIAU Fanzara is born from an invisible network of people, who communicate for the resolution of a conflict, generating a social fabric that fosters and enhances its own ecosystem.

The “spontaneous” flowering that arises in a façade, made with the representation of plant and animal elements in three dimensions, is the result of all that hidden work on the part of the Fanzarinos. The piece symbolizes the visible part, the creative flowering that the MIAU has fostered, what is really important is that hidden network that has made it possible.

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Status: Built
Location: Fanzara, ES
Firm Role: artist
Additional Credits: david moreno - sculptor