pink intruder

pink intruder

Valencia, ES


Eppur si Muove

Using pruning branches and the traditional cartoning technique, the project aimed to reflect mainly on two aspects.

The first of them on the traditional aesthetics in a centennial festival such as the "fallas", and on the other hand and more important on the responsibility that as a collective have the cultural associations of this event in the artistic edition and in the use of public space .

Therefore, the challenge of making the project grow according to its level of involvement in the construction of the artistic piece was raised. Despite the limited budgets, they had the opportunity to grow the project as they participated to a greater or lesser degree. Get to feel the project as something of your own. Use art and participation to generate debate and increase the involvement of the collective beyond the party.

This project has been comissioned by “Asociación Cultural Fallera Cronista Vicente Beguer i Esteve” during 2018 Fallas Festival in the context of a centenarial festivity tradition. It reflects on how the tradition is in permanent change even when for many it is something immutable.

Eppur si muove

There are certain “truths” that seem immovable. It was at the time the vision of the cosmos in which the Earth was the center around which the other celestial bodies revolved. And still today are many “truths” that we believe no matter why. Even so the reality is very stubborn, and despite the attempts that nothing changes, the human spirit always seeks new “truths” although they may be equally wrong, but that is the engine that makes us move forward and moving. Eppur si muove is the phrase attributed to Galileo after abjuring the heliocentric vision of the world before the tribunal of the Holy Inquisition. Eppur si muove is everything that we have been told that it will always be like that, but that nevertheless does not stop changing. Eppur si muove is our response to discouragement, our rejection of accommodation, our way of escape, our life project. Eppur si muove is the spirit that best defines the client’s philosophy. And therefore this will be a project in which our joint action and the collaboration of the entire association and anyone who wants to unite will make everything move no matter how much they pretend that everything remains the same.

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Status: Built
Location: Torrent, ES
Firm Role: lead artist