Melissa Bell

Melissa Bell

San Francisco, CA, US


Heliocentric Concept Store

This project was featured in the Fall 2011 issue of 180 Magazine. I was chosen by the Director of Interior Design to collaborate with Danielle Wallis, a Visual Merchandising major, and bring her boutique concept to life.

“Within our solar system, all things revolve around the sun. Imagine an out–of–this–world shopping experience where our solar system sits within a black hole and the tail of the hole sucks you in, spiraling you through an orbit of glowing beautiful clothes. This is the concept for Danielle Wallis’ luxury boutique design, “Heliocentric,” which means revolving around the sun. Originally a project for an astronomy class, Wallis, an Academy of Art University b.f.a. Visual Merchandising major, made sure every shape and line in the store was conceptualized from things already in space.” —Betthany Mullinix, 180 Magazine

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Status: School Project
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Danielle Wallis