Yewon Park

Yewon Park

Chicago, IL, US


Club and Lounge UME

This is a club and restaurant designed inspired by 'Ume' flower. This beautiful oriental flower, which is a symbol for loyal, is planted through out Asia. The fruit of the tree is used to make wine, and it still is favored among many people. The inspiration came from the shapes and color of the Ume flower. The restaurant will serve small portions of fusion Asian food (like tapas) and drinks. It is a high-end restaurant and bar that turns into a nightclub at late nights. This place is especially aimed for women so it is feminine, and this will be a strong advantage to attract male customers.
Super-smooth cast in place concrete was used through out the restaurant to give extra modern vibe, with the color fuchsia that is exhibited in Ume flower. The literal flower image was not used because the women in the club will be flowers!

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Status: School Project