Varun Thautam

Varun Thautam

Montreal, QC, CA


Prakruthi: an affordable home

Prakruthi is a retirement home for a top diplomat, designed and built by Architect Varun Thautam and his team. Built with local soil and stone, this home is a natural embodiment of our vernacular materiality.

This project began with a slow start with the architect training a construction team on their first rammed earth experience. Stone masonry with ample exposed concrete help the load bearing structure to a height of 33' 0" using mere 9" thick load bearing stabilized rammed earth walls.
With no provision for fans and air conditioning, the home entirely depends on natural stack ventilation. The rammed earth enclosure creates a year round comfortable and healthy indoor environment. Integrated rainwater harvesting, bio sand filtration and more than 640 sft of terraced urban agriculture, solar water heating reduces lifecycle costs and enables a lifestyle of environmental humility.
The built form alienates the private space from the street with the eyes on the street, symbolizing the much sought privacy by the officer who has dedicated a life time’s service towards law enforcement. He can now peacefully retire into the warmth and coziness of this natural home.

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Status: Built
Location: Bangalore City, IN