Varun Thautam

Varun Thautam

Montreal, QC, CA


Eco Home: partially off the grid

Architects home built out of rammed earth. Rainwater harvesting (capacity of 20000 l off grid), Dewats System (Off Grid), Solar water heating, Natural ventilation (Stack, No fans, No AC), Natural Lighting (Skylights). 30% of site restored with native species.
Architects first deign build project had to be built under technological and economic limitations. He trained a team to first build with rammed earth. The home is an enclosure of rammed earth walls set in a RCC frame. This enclosure regulates indoor humidity and maintains a comfortable indoor environment thought the year. There is no need to use fans / air conditioning.
While depending on rainwater from the site alone, over the past two years the family has developed vegetable roof gardens, an aquaculture pond and a composting pit making the home self sufficient for all its vegetable and fruit needs throughout the year.


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Status: Built
Location: Yelahanka, IN

architects first rammed earth walls; self built
architects first rammed earth walls; self built