Nickolas Martin

Nickolas Martin

Lancaster, PA, US


Community Design Project

The community design studio was about working as a team to develop a masterplan for a neighborhood in the Allston area of Boston. The studio worked together to develop an overall design of the area, including residential, industrial, and commercial zones. The goal of the design was to reduce undesired and unused industrial building and bring business and life back into the area.

After the masterplan of the community was determined individual buildings were developed by different people on the team.  The focus here is a hotel and retail area of the community site.  The intention was to use the hotel building as a conceptual gateway into the rest of the masterplan.  It was important to consider the effect of the building on the surrounding area, especially in terms of sunlight and shadow.  Green and exterior public space was also a necessary part of the design.

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA, US