J. David Gomez

J. David Gomez

Los Angeles, CA, US



Darfur is a vast region in the largest country in Africa. It is located in the western part of the Republic of Sudan. It has some of the highest infant mortality rates and lowest education levels in Sudan.
Due to the ongoing civil war humanitarian refugee camps in Chad and Sudan have slowly over-crowded, disease infested, and prone to attacks. Regardless of the treacherous conditions of the camps, about 20% of the Sudan population reside in a camp, with a majority of this percentage being young people.
Many of these children have never attended school and the develpment of this new facility can provide education for their own survival.

The design of this new school took in consideration the environment and economical situation of the country. Most of the materials used throughout the building have been recycled and incorporated within the design. The use of wood palets and burlap was the main source of inspiration for this design. Creating walls from what once was used to transport goods proves to be economical, useful and estheaticaly pleasing. The walls were created by lining the inside of the pallet with the burlap and them casting mud within them to create a solid wall.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Darfur
Additional Credits: Professor: Jeanine Centuori
Software: Sketchup, Rhino 4.0, V-Ray, Photoshop