J. David Gomez

J. David Gomez

Los Angeles, CA, US



Los Angeles is one of the most car dependent cities in the world, causing Angelenos spend an average of ninety-six hours a year (or four days) stuck in traffic. It is this commitment to the automobile that has unconsciously begun to frame our experience of the city. We constantly confront the urban realm through our windshield and it is this fast-paced form of framing that has allowed Los Angeles to further entrench its connection with film.
By re-envisioning the infrastructural environs, this project will utilize the dead spaces surrounding our freeway systems to generate a series of new infrastructural forms and occupations. Using methods such as peeling and grafting, the intent of this project is to merge various forms of transportation within the city in the residual sites in and around freeway interchanges. By bringing the vehicular, rail, bike, and pedestrian paths together, the project will encompass an outdoor performance space, as well as a drive-in movie experience for the fast-paced life of the Angeleno.
Transit Cinema will be a park that will embrace people from all walks of life and generations. Its presence between a major freeway within LA as well as its location will make it accessible to many of its current and future residents.

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Status: School Project
Additional Credits: Professor: Heather Peterson
Software: Sketchup, Rhino 4.0, V-Ray, Photoshop, Illustrator