J. David Gomez

J. David Gomez

Los Angeles, CA, US



Ballona is the only remaining coastal wetlands in Los Angeles county and one of the most valuable habitats for rare and endangered species in southern California. Although wetlands are crucial for sustaining plant, animal, and human quality of life, many wetlands are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Approximately 5% of California's original wetlands remain; in addition, Los Angeles county has lost over 98% of its wetlands.

This 5,010 sf structure was designed with the intention of being sustainable yet at the same time highly  productive in a way that incorporates program and space in a coherent manner the idea of creating a design that incorporated shipping containers came after observing the site and its relation to the nearby harbour. Shipping containers are over populating some of our ports, simply because it is not economical to ship an empty container. Program has been divided by viewpoints of the city. These rectangular shapped containers in a way direct and constrain you view to a specific area and thus give more focus to the part of the city being described.  

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Status: School Project