Nathalie Gonzalez

Nathalie Gonzalez

Newport Beach, CA, US

The Family Barn
The Family Barn
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Martis Camp (Swaback Partners)

Truckee, California (2003 to 2007)

  • Worked to preserve 850 acres of open space including a major wildlife corridor, Audubon wetlands and Martis Creek within a 3,000 acre planned community.
  • Prepared submittals for 3 LEED gold buildings (Family Barn, Golf Club House, and Gatehouse).  Certification in process
  • Designed a concept spec house utilizing and demonstrating available green technology while preserving the natural landscape.
  • Wrote portions of design guidelines that advocated green practices in all new residential construction (adapted from LEED for Homes Beta).
  • Designed way-finding, branding graphics and lighting elements for the entire community.
  • Managed a multi-disciplinary team including office staff, legal, consultants and marketing specialists to produce a cohesive marketing and sales package.
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Status: Under Construction
Location: Truckee, CA, US

Golf Starter Pavilion - LEED certified
Golf Starter Pavilion - LEED certified