Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Seattle, WA, US


InterLattice: Parametric Joinery System

Research project and paper presented at PUARL (Portland Urban Architecture Research Lab) conference on Generative Design in Portland, OR 2011.

InterLattice is a new joinery system composed solely of interlocking plywood pieces.  The interLattice system is composed of vertically oriented triangular modules that connect to each other in a manner inspired by conventional brick and mortar construction.  Connection gaps between the triangular modules act as flexible mortar, adhering the modules together and allowing for a wide range of connection angles.  With the interLattice, double curvature in form is possible without the typical need for tiling or major alteration of module geometry.  This enables material sheets to be nested and CNC cut simply and efficiently; tabs and slots are unique to their position, but the overall size of pieces remains consistent.   Parametrically modifiable InterLattice systems are highly flexible and have many potential applications including interior walls, self-supporting awnings, and weatherproofed exterior structures.


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Status: Unbuilt