Nita Costin

Nita Costin

Bucharest, RO



The problems of living and housing are complex. They are not solutioned trough simple architectural projects. To really make a difference, housing matter must be studied on more than one level: socialy, economic, religious and anthropology.
But what can architecture by itself do?

Following the course of history it has been noticed that in certain turning points the need of shelter comes before other needs and every architecture program suddenly disappears, housing becoming a primordial need.
While history always repeats itself it imposes us to be prepared. In such moments, to avoid the mistakes made the communists regime we must have a good start in building.
The project launches a call for being prepared at any time for natural hazards by designing a small, autonomic and self sufficient housing unit.
This building will consist of prefabricated parts (such as walls, floor and the roof) that can be assembled on site in one day. The intention is to build a large number of these temporary housing units for private or gurvernamental organisations as a response for the imediate need of living units in areas affected by natural hazards.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bucharest, RO