Nita Costin

Nita Costin

Bucharest, RO



Regenerating an area can allways be a part of a complicated program that can have deep implications at the local level, socialy, economicaly and architectural.
Bucharest is a diluted city that can be read as an overlapping of unfinished cities. But, how can one describe Bucharest’s case? If we are to understand the manner in wich it developed through the modern era, we should look intro the features of the pre-modern city an their general causes. All the periods of expansion that Bucharest encountered has left a mark on it, influencing the urban growth. Now old and new is everywhere and when a regeneration program must be implemented for the resurection of an entire neighborhood collisions can be encountered and in Bucharest you find a lot of collisions resulting from superposed projects and a coexistence of  layers.

That’s why the project tries to respect the coexistence of the layers but also to integrate the new into an old place and to regenerate the old to keep up with the new.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bucharest, RO