Cesar Beltran, Assoc. AIA

Cesar Beltran, Assoc. AIA

Hollywood, CA, US



Burbank represents a microcosm of sorts – comprised of both a monotonous sub   an landscape and clustered urban conditions; our design attempts to coalesce both through the fusion of three entities that, while preserving their independent environments, are still dependent on each other to function efficiently.

The three entities are comprised of 1. The Spacescraper, 2. The Nodes, and 3. The Hovercraft.

The Spacescraper represents an urban condition – vertical organizations of living spaces produced by the limited land available and the demand for housing in that particular location.

The Nodes represent a suburban condition – the notion of situating programmatic objects within a gardened landscape. In this situation, the objects are retail spaces that are observed by the public above instead of the typical condition of the public observing the contents of the store from the ground.

Finally, The Hovercraft represents a fusion of both an urban and a suburban condition – it attempts to merge these conditions into a single entity that is literally suspended between the other two entities. It provides the occupants of the Spacescraper much needed public space that is also in a sense private, as it is isolated from the city below.               

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Status: School Project