Nai Wong

Nai Wong

New York, NY, US


Museum of the Motion Arts of the Diaspora

The site is located on the bowery in the city of new york within the chinatown neighborhood.  The museum of the motion arts of the diaspora provides space to exhibit memorabilia from the films and animations created by various diasporatic cultures. It also contains a ground level theater. Inspired by the south korean film, Old Boy (directed by Chan-Wook Park), the museum consists of various levels of resistances along the visitors’ path. Visual and physical connection with other programs, all encomprassing display surfaces, etc. are some examples of these resistances.

The bowery facade consists of the undulating surfaces that, inside the museum, create the display elements in the gallery path. Upon entry into the museum, these display surfaces begin to direct visitors towards the main path where the exhibitions are located. Various ‘resistances’ simultaneously attract and disburse the visiting traffic. The various programs are arranged so that they interconnect in order to immerse the visitor in a more comprehensive experience. For example, the lecture hall is opened to the beginning of the gallery path, and a section of the library emerges into the lobby and theater level. 

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US