Nai Wong

Nai Wong

New York, NY, US


Amman Art Pavilions

The arab spring is a series of demonstrations and protests in the arab world. Much of the gathering and congregating of people have been started by ways of social media; via facebook, twitter and other online blogs. Data is collected from various online social media sources and then visualized spatially to create relationships that then can be applied towards the designs of art ‘interventions’ in Amman, Jordan. In this data mining exercise, the focus of the data collection is the Jordanian political cartoonist Nidal El-Khairy. This visualization compares the effect a physical event and the effect a virtual post have on its time/space fabric. The visualization animation can be seen online @

Multiple sites were assigned in Amman, Jordan, where  water is an important but depleting resource. The goal of the ‘interventions’ is to promote and raise the level of awareness to the emerging art scene of the middle east.  The mountainous terrain of ammen present multiple layers and surfaces in which one can traverse. The sites will  concentrate on the collection and distribution of two resources: water and data. Visitors can absorb the art while accessing  the two resources. They can simultaneously contribute to the art through social media or each of the 3 sites provides a different spatial challenge. The ‘interventions’ themselves will draw from the previous data mining and visualization exercise. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Amman, JO