Santiago Forero

Santiago Forero

Madrid, ES


PUNTO C - Toyota Automotive Center

In a plot of 33.000m ² Toyota wants to build and sell a large auto center for the sale of automobiles and parts, and provision of related services such as cleaning, repairs, revisions, etc. The project is divided into 2 phases: 1-construction Toyota dealer and workshop, storage area and parking of vehicles Auto Center. 2 - Construction dealers, workshops and storages areas vehicles 2, 3 and 4, service area, local spares, kart track and a restaurant. Toyota requested their building to be separated from the rest of the buildings. The volume’s disposition poses a long volume and the isolated building from Toyota, which makes up a large space that invites the client to access the auto center in addition to serving as parking. This prevents a tablet parallel to the road that can be perceived as a barrier. The volumes are rotated in relation to the road making the 4 wineries have their main facade exposed so that a driver will have a better and longer vision of the facade. The cellar containing the dealer and the shop is built with a very light metal frame that allows large spans and freedom in the enclosure. In the cellar workshop area is closed to the outside while the dealer opens to the outside through large windows which allow the assessment vehicles for sale.

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Status: Built
Location: Cajicá, CO