Santiago Forero

Santiago Forero

Madrid, ES


Hotel BH Tempo

Located on the main street of the city, the hotel is located in an area of urban transformation, home of new developments and youth’s new destination in Bogota. The proximity to the headquarters of a large Colombian television channel and radio organization, make it the main objective to house artists and executives working with the channel. For such guests, the client asks for a contemporary and "fun" design. The building fits on the outside Bogotá cityscape using brick as the main material but with a contemporary design that sets it apart from its neighbors. Inside many colors in the furnishings give the youthful touch that the customer was looking for. The square plan of the building suggests a central area with no natural light, so the rooms are organized around a central void that introduces natural light into the building, reducing electricity consumption in artificial lighting. Another important achievement is natural ventilation system, which saves energy and money replacing an automatic ventilation system.

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Status: Built
Location: Bogotá, CO