Santiago Forero

Santiago Forero

Madrid, ES


Hotel BH El Retiro

Located in the most exclusive commercial area of Bogota, with bars, restaurants and shopping malls around the hotel, focuses on young executives looking for comfort, quality and enjoy the city life. It is a business hotel with contemporary design, equipped with everything necessary to meet the needs of their guests. Despite being surrounded by lots of activity, the building has the great advantage of being located in front of a park which isolates it from the movement and noise from the street in addition to offering pleasant views. This opportunity is utilized to organize most of the rooms and the bar downstairs so they see the park. The restaurant opens onto a garden that creates a calm environment, opposite to what happens on the street. In the rooms the bathroom is separated by a glass and wood skin that allows the passage of natural light to the bathroom during the day. The baths naturally vented through a system of mechanical extractors located on the roof of the building. Brick is the most used traditional material in Bogota, which in addition to its aesthetic and historical value also provides thermal mass to generate an adequate temperature in the interior of the building.

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Status: Built
Location: Bogotá, CO