Luke Haas

Luke Haas

New York, NY, US


River Keepers' Headquarters and Outreach

office and outreach center for River Keepers, a non-for-profit organization
fall 2010, arch 501

Representing interior design, lighting design, and architecture, my colleagues and I collaborated from the initial schematic phases to produce a substantially resolved project.  We also strove to developed a workflow that simulates the realities of integrated building design which will be encounter in the field.  Our client, Riverkeeper (a New York based, non-for-profit water quality and environmental advocacy firm), outlined their needs for a building program that fulfills their office requirements as well as their burgeoning outreach program.  Further, their values as an environmentalist organization called for an architecture that expresses Riverkeeper's role in their community as a leader for ethical environmental practices.

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Status: School Project
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US