Luke Haas

Luke Haas

New York, NY, US


Portland Municipal Courthouse

Cripe Architects and Engineers Competition: 1st place award
arch 401, fall 2009.

I consider courthouses, as a building type, to be about how the law can best serve the population, and I sought to explore this throughout the design of this project.  I gave special consideration to the occupants' experience of security and circulation and how the two can interact.  This is illustrated in diagrams below.  Further, because the site I worked with is located in downtown Portland,  I felt that it was important for my design to serve its economic context of mixed-use and retail as well.  In order to respond to and stimulate this context, I elevated the courthouse program over a cushion of retail spaces on the first floor.  This also permits enhanced security, as sensitive spaces are held above and are protected from the street.

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Status: School Project
Location: Portland, OR, US