Luke Haas

Luke Haas

New York, NY, US


Brooklyn Bridge Park Re-Development

My third graduate studio project focuses on the application of a diverse program-- including a hotel and convention center, restaurants, residential units, and a velodrome --on a small, topographically challenging site adjacent to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights in New York City.  Currently, Brooklyn Heights and the Brooklyn waterfront are separated by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, which effectively is a sixty foot cliff of unrelenting vehicular traffic.  The Architecture acts as a connection between Brooklyn Heights the new developments along the waterfront (including Brooklyn Bridge Park and several other parcels which are under development) through the topographical manipulation of spaces which have been leftover since the BQE’s construction.  These topographical manipulations allow for a multileveled engagement with the site as well as an elevated, defensive posture towards potential storm surge and sea level change.  Brooklyn Heights enjoys a panoramic view of lower Manhattan; thus, it was important that my project be able to capitalize on these views without compromising the views of the existing neighborhood.

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Status: School Project
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US