Heng Du

Heng Du

Los Angeles, CA, US


Encoding Matter_Train Station Design

Encoding Matter will explore the relationship between behavioral and evolutionary
optimization design methodologies. The studio will examine the interaction between local
behaviors or micro design intent and global concerns such as structural and environmental
optimization. This inquiry will focus on the relationship between the internal logic of a
generative system and the external influences of force and environment. We will explore the
interaction of open behavioral systems and evolutionary systems that seek an ideal

The studio will posit a behavioral design methodology, re-conceptualizing design as the
organization of matter. This behavioral understanding of design will focus on the dissolution
of normative hierarchies that operate within architectural organization and tectonics. A nonlinear
algorithmic design methodology is proposed capable of displacing existing hierarchies
through the emergent operation of self-organizing systems.

In this project, the algorithm is emerged from the  research of the performance of material -  laex and the growth of leaves. The pattern of a leaf could be considered as a combination of strands and membranes. Strands perform as the structure when the membranes illustrate the planes and space.  In this system, the thickness of strands and membranes, the length of strnads, the distance of different strands and the spam of the membrances are parameters that are  capable of being driven by designed multi-agents and constrains.

The performece of the latex gives us the inspirasion of the behavior of agents. Latex, known as the common elastic material, could generate force when drag it. This force would lead to the thickness and transparency change of the material. The entire system of the project is multi-agents  based and those agents learn 

To achieve the purpose, we need establish a feasible system for both coding and structure. We conceive the system consists of strands and membranes. Strands would work as skeleton while membrances offer us space. Leaves provide with a very good paradigm.

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Status: School Project
Location: Anaheim, CA, US