Alejandro Ribas Mercau

Alejandro Ribas Mercau

Barcelona, ES


Housing for the young

The project for the newly emancipated is a project for young people who are struggling and dreaming on finding a comfortable place for their needs; young, modern, accessible and cheap. The two towers contain four housing floors of 35m2 each, with a direct access from the small elevator’s foyer.
The top floor of each of the towers is a common area for all tenants to install themselves to work of create, to share facilities for working or playing; or a place to relax and have a drink.
The roof of the towers is a green roof so that the tenants can grow their own vegetables and reduce both CO2 associated with mass culture and their food budget.
Every plan is free, the structure is radial from the central concrete core containing the elevators and stairs. The whole structure is steel and plywood. The vertical profiles of the large windows that surrounds each floor are structural and with climate control devices.
The façade is made of wooden slats and hidden ceramic slats were water runs and cools down the air surrounding the building.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Sabadell, ES
My Role: Architect