Joshua Hogan

Joshua Hogan

Austin, TX, US



The design of Fall Creek Winery addresses two basic concepts. The first being, how to establish a relationship between the wine making process and a visitor’s experience, and the second concept explores the machine-like aspect of viticulture. 


The design also seeks to express certain functions associated with wine making.  The four modules house the four primary production processes: receiving/crushing, fermentation, barrel storage, and distribution. Three intermediate steps are found in between which include: pressing, processing, and bottling.  The second intersecting form provides access for visitors above and workers below. Through this interlocking connection, intimate relationships are established between the process and one’s experience.

In terms of siting and structure, the winery is partially submerged to establish a strong connection to the earth and the repetitive steel frame mimics the rhythm of the vineyard. The purpose of the external skin was both formal and environmental. The skin visual unifies the four processing modules as well as provide shading for the exterior gathering spaces.

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Status: School Project
Location: Fall Creek, TX, US