Joshua Hogan

Joshua Hogan

Austin, TX, US


Home Run

Many stadium and sporting complexes are static in nature, meaning they are utilized only during a small percentage of the year.  The project seeks to enhance the nature of a stadium by introducing concepts such as adaptability and program integration. The integration of different programs within the stadium complex will not only enhance the utilitarian functions of the structure but also create a sense of community for the surrounding areas.

The project embodied three main concepts:



•Program integration

In terms of the master plan, a connection from the stadium complex to the existing big dig green belt across the harbor channel was established. The green belt is a formal connection to the downtown area of Boston.

The stadium was also meant to be visually porous from a human scale. This is achieved through the floating roofs and the forest of columns. There are also informal standing and seating areas along the perimeter of the stadium.  People walking along the boardwalk are visually connected to the stadium, even if they are not in the complex. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA, US