Joshua Hogan

Joshua Hogan

Austin, TX, US


Austin Branch Library

The Branch Library Project drew upon previous projects and studies from Design IV. Issues such as context, boundaries, circulation, and reading were addressed. Located on North Lamar and 11th street, the library sought to link urban zones found on the east side of the street with residential zones on the west.


The public area is the large volume parallel to the street. Smaller, intimate projections intersect the larger volume, forming a dynamic relationship between the public and private realms. At the intersection of these two elements, books are shelved, and depending on the nature of the reading experience, one may choose the large public space or the secluded semi-submerged spaces. The project also provides a visual link as people circulate with books as well and as when the structure engages into the hill and protrudes onto the streetscape.

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Status: Built