Mirna Andrade

Mirna Andrade

San Francisco, CA, US


Voronoi Box of Miracles

This box of miracles is enclosed by five distinct planes with multiple openings organized and arranged according to the law of Voronoi. The partitioning of a plane with n  points into convex polygons such that each polygon contains exactly one generating point and every point in a given polygon is closer to its generating point than to any other. n this script, a point of attraction is used to control how far each polygon is apart from each other. The points sometimes remain in the same position but once the point of attraction changes location the whole pattern changes. As the polygons get further from the point of attraction the larger is the distance between each polygon, making them also change in size.  This relationship is used to control how much light gets into certain spaces, as well as allowing the frame to become part of a bigger piece on the whole façade, making it more structural and able to support the larger glass panels. The point of attraction can be changed in position according to the optimal sunlight orientation. The form generator of the interior spaces became less dependent on the script and more dependent upon the circulation and spatial quality I was trying to achieve in the interior of the cube. The idea was to create ramp bridges between facade openings to move across and vertically to each floor.

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Status: School Project