Mirna Andrade

Mirna Andrade

San Francisco, CA, US


Ark of Taste World Expo Thematic Pavilion-

The thematic World Expo Pavilion Project is located in Hunters Point San Francisco. In this Studio, we were introduced to the idea of mapping an area in order to gain a different unseen aspect of the studied area. After mapping, we were encouraged to create several structural skins that will serve as the structure for the building and physically relate to the program. The way the component aggregates and morphologically develops throughout the project is consistently connected to the different programmatic conditions. The concept for this project is centered around the exhibition of slow cooking, promoting food produce that is becoming extinct, and allowing people to experience eating exotics plates, in the dark. The circulation takes you through these walls of produce display and the walls become also part of interior ramps that contain screens to allow visitors to observe others eating in the dark rooms that are located on the floor below. As you walk through these ramps you can access different eating zones. The component stretches and becomes structure of these pools of water where people can sit and enjoy their slow cooked meal in the outdoors with the bay view.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, US