Michael Louison

Michael Louison

Philadelphia, PA, US


Open Doors: Center for Homeless Assistance

Homelessness is a condition that inhibits social and physical development. The proposed Center for Homeless Assistance, Open Doors, will encourage the interaction, not only between the residents, but also the residents with the public. The residents will develop their education and their social maturity to adapt to that of society outside the assistance center.

The transition into society is not only social development, it is also the connection and comfort one has to his/her surroundings. The inhabitants are situated in a way that they will want to be a part of the world around them. The community around them is invited to use the fitness center and the gymnasium for local sporting events. These facilities are accessible to the public as well as the residents. Public domain is also provided at the lower and upper 30th and Walnut that creates a more pedestrian friendly area. For the residents, there is an outdoor roof terrace provided that overlooks the proposed Penn Park and has a clear visual connection to center city.

Overall, the Open Doors is dedicated to developing social and physical maturity for transitioning the formervly homeless into the society of Philadelphia.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: 30th St & Walnut St, Philadelphia PA 19104