Wendy Gilmartin, AIA

Wendy Gilmartin, AIA

Los Angeles, CA, US


On the Road 3 - West of LaBrea (2013)

Los Angeles is a city developed around and defined by houses rather than large architectural monuments. The singular residential unit is an elastic object, having long nurtured experimental pursuits and critical inquiry. Participants in On the Road 3 have selected an existing house located West of downtown Los Angeles to engage with and respond to through the medium of drawing. The chosen house may be an iconic work of architecture – one that has been overly saturated in the discourse of modern architecture in Los Angeles – or one that is part of the vernacular landscape. The drawing format is a standard 4”x6” postcard reproduced 150 times and placed inside the house’s mailbox on the morning of November 17.

Participants include Andrew Akins; Clark Thenhaus; Heather Flood; Heather Peterson; James Leng; Jessica Colangelo; Mark Ericson; and Wendy Gilmartin.

Wendy Gilmartin: The Psychic's House -- Uncharacteristic of most single family homes in Los Angeles, the psychic’s house is simultaneously private and public, ordinary and outlier. It advertises its owner’s telephone number on its exterior and willingly invites in strangers. Riffing indirectly on the idea of the “house of the future” concept, the psychic’s house is a “house of the future” in that it can tell one’s fortune. Like a tarot card or Ouija board, the drawing is a tool that invites the participant into a game of site and environmental observations, both in terms of the object of the house itself and also considering the participant’s projection and procession to/from/through the residence’s surroundings - a speculative exercise on looking and interacting.

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Status: Built
Location: West Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: participant