Wendy Gilmartin, AIA

Wendy Gilmartin, AIA

Los Angeles, CA, US


Eternal Rest Home

Founded in 2009, the Eternal Telethon is an open collective group of artists working to establish an artist retirement home at the Salton Sea, Ca. Each fall the group hosts a "live" webcast telethon to raise funds for the on going project. In 2011, myself and Curt Gambetta were approached by the group to begin to imagine the built reality of the rest home.

The first of many workshops / exploratory design meetings included a series of Saturday meetings and a presentation during that year's telethon. 

We continue to develop the design portion of the project with the guiding impetus to re-arrange and generate the spaces, habits and interactions inhabited in the rest home via collective input and group methodologies. Simultaneously, we're hoping to provoke new spatial and social overlaps by asking users and ourselves what actions are or are not age specific? How is "growing old" associated with a certain (possibly misunderstood) set of interactions, and within these can we manipulate currently held presumptions about age via spatial interactions? What about the life and afterlife (of people and buildings)? What are the nuts and bolts operations involved to serve a community based on a specific age? How can those operations be augmented to serve other age groups within the community and at large?

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: The Salton Sea, CA
My Role: Co-conspirator
Additional Credits: (with Curt Gambetta)