Alvar Cortada Kosonen

Alvar Cortada Kosonen

Philadelphia, PA, US


University of Enviroment

The erosion is the wear or destruction produced in the surface of a body by the continuous or violent friction of another. An example is the wear that the water of a river produces on a stone formation causing it to break through.

The project is situated at the end-beginning of a natural park. This park connects the old town with the new. The idea is to design a building that doesn't function like a barrier but as a gateway between the city and the field.

To accommodate the building program, I created 5 buildings that have different functions, and are attached by a main corridor. This 5 buildings are crossed by passageways that arise from the "wear" produced by a continuous flow of people. The passageways are parallel to the buildings and perpendiculas to the main corridor.

Year: 2008

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, ES